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Master chef Season 10 is basura!!!

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Aug 1, 1. I have to say it! Majority of the cooks are so insecure and whiny. How the hell did they make it.

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I knew this season was going to be bleh the moment I saw the audition was basically an American idol-esque greet. It defeats the purpose. Then we have this Asian boy who such a whiny baby and so insecure in everything he does. His anxiety gives me anxiety. Majority of them seem so lost and unappreciative.

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None of these cooks seem to realize their on freaking masterchef where literally blood sweat and tears were made. Nobody is giving me amazing work. Nobody is bringing anything new to the table. Such an insult to the 10th season. The 10th season should have been an all stars season seriously His name is Woota!!!

Is there anyone else watching this madness? Over it screw them.

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Last edited: Aug 1, Aug 1, 2. Absolutely painful to watch. I stopped after episode 2. Thanks x 2. Aug 1, 3. Aug 1, 4. When what's her face won immunity I knew what time it was. Thanks x 3.

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Aug 1, 5. I love the show but I haven't even been able to keep up with this season after the auditions. Sounds like a mess. Aug 1, 6. I've been struggling to watch this season also.

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I agree with them being whiny asf. Thanks x 1. Aug 1, 7. Woota was a mess the majority of the season. I'm glad the pudgy white gal went too. She was whiney as a mofo. I'm Team Durian this season. Thanks x 9. Aug 2, 8. They done sent Wuta home. While he wasn't great, my choice would've been Subha because he's a terrible team player. Thanks x 5.

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  • Aug 2, 9. While 's some of Wuta's dishes were not that great. He did have a few good dishes. But, it was time for him to go. Bye Bye Wuta. LOL I agree this season is lack-luster but, I am still watching. I too like Durian. Aug 2, How the hell is the Indian guy still there! Thanks x 1 Hugs! Aug 3, I just don't understand how Subha is still in the competition.

    He has no sense of urgency at all. I wasn't a fan of Wuta but he didn't deserve to go home this week. The only one I'm rooting for is Durian. She's been consistent so far so hopefully she makes it to the end. Thanks x 4. Is sweet Doria still there? The episode with the tag team was so stressful. I just wish that blah ass blonde would quit referencing the military. We get it girl. And you still should have went home 4 episodes ago.

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    Aug 4, I agree Subha should have been sent home. I guess his cooking has kept him on if they were judging by how they perform on team challenges he would have been sent home. Aug 20, The friend proceeded to attempt a jailbreak and bring his buddy out. All went as planned. When he saw his friend laying in a small room, he just picked him up and tossed him over his shoulders.

    He carried him out of the funeral home on Jan 07 It wasn't until later that he realized Moran was deceased. Upon that realization was at lost as to what he should do with the body. Had it been an enemy, he would have known exactly what to do. This was a friend and should be treated with respect. That was when the friend contacted me and arranged to meet me at a warehouse.