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Ascended Masters Speak on Angels.

Ballard is a beautiful tribute to the Great Angelic Host. To the various Angels, always with us, we accept You into our physical lives as we give conscious recognition to You through these Discourses. Beloved Archangel Michael Speaks on.

The Angelic Host. Beloved Archangel Michael awakens mankind to various Activities of the Hosts of Angels as they minister to mankind. You can have the full awareness of the Christ, beloved, and be balanced. But take heed, all of you. For in everyone who is yet of the unascended consciousness there do lurk those self-created snares and traps of the soul.

Therefore beware. People count it their right and a matter of integrity to trust one another. Be certain that you are trusting the God within. For if you are relating to the outer person, then you will have many ups and downs in relationships. But if you relate to the great God-Reality of your own being and stand firm in that God-Reality, you will connect with the God-Reality of another and raise up a brother or a sister who has not yet merged with the I AM Presence.

You may raise and comfort the mighty as well as the lowly. You may be the embodiment of the Comforter. And this teaching I bring to you, beloved, as you approach the celebration of Pentecost this month. Thus I ask you to determine all factors in your life and what are those repetitive manifestations of mediocrity that you engage in—repetitive ad nauseam for you and for me—that keep coming up again and again. Analyze them. Deal with them. Be done with them! See them for what they are. Know your greatest weakness and overcome it by your greatest strength and press on.

How can anyone be unwitting? You must be full of the wit of Saint Germain. You must be full of mockery for the human consciousness, even the human consciousness of yourself. You must make light of it but be stern enough to cast it out and be done with it—once and for all. It is monotonous, it is boring, and it is burdensome to you and to me when you allow your human vibration to repetitively pull down your soul. For just when we are about to speak to you along the pathway of life, we find you absent from the center of your God consciousness.

As a result, we cannot communicate with you at inner levels but we must wait until you realize that you have stepped out of the mantle of your Christ Self and have descended again into that level of human nonsense. Bring yourselves up, beloved! You never know, you never know when in the course of your communing with nature, in being in the great outdoors, in being in the wind and the sun and acknowledging the Holy Spirit everywhere—no, you never know, beloved ones, when we shall impart to you profound insight.

What closes us off from greater communication with many of you is constant chatter and the constant preoccupation of thought and feeling with human concerns. We can enter in and advise you, warn you, alert you, remind you only if that soul of yours, that mind of yours is one at the level of your Christ Self. Draw nigh to your Christ Self and your Christ Self will draw nigh to you. But do not be confused and do not fool yourselves, thinking that you have that consciousness when in reality you do not.

For to have that consciousness takes careful watchfulness over your thoughts and feelings. You will see that your diligence on these points of the Law will bring you to a certain self-mastery. And that self-mastery, beloved, when you have it, is the sign that we may appeal to the Lords of Karma, to Solar Logoi to take you on as Chelas with a capital C.

The capital C of Chela stands for the capital C of Christhood. So enter into that Chelaship, that Christhood. Strengthen it, meditate upon it, beloved, and you will surely see how your levels of mastery will increase. I have come to you because I believe in you and in the God within you. I ask you to believe in yourselves, to believe in your Mighty I AM Presence and to look at the burdens of the world, the burdens of the youth and people of all ages, as you have seen a slice of the slavery that people place themselves in when they are addicted not only to heroin but to drugs of all kinds.

There are false hierarchies and entities and discarnates that are tied to these drugs that are absolutely vicious. And the black magicians have created these substances in their laboratories and then spawned them upon the youth and people of all ages. And you see that they have prepared substances that affect the central nervous system, the brain, the entire life until individuals become slaves of the false hierarchy. Not one but many have said that they both love and hate heroin. This is a love-hate relationship with their own dweller-on-the-threshold and with the entire planetary false hierarchy of heroin.

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Therefore understand that the black magicians created the opium poppies, whose sap contains that impelling vibration whereby people are enticed to partake, to partake, to partake. As a result, there have been suicides and deaths in this earth that never should have happened. There have been abortions of Lightbearers that never should have happened. I pray, then, that you understand that only you can fulfill your reason for being, only you can abort it.

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Take heed, beloved, for there are many temptations and subtle pitfalls and they originate in the carnal mind. This you must remind yourself of daily. You have the Mind of God. The implication is that you have all of the Mind of God and that you have limitless opportunity into infinity to have the Mind of God to solve every problem, to become your Christed being,to outwit the greatest minds of the false hierarchy anywhere and everywhere—which are not so great to begin with, else they would not be in the false hierarchy!

But you have been taught to believe you are limited, you have limited IQs, your consciousness is limited, you are human, you think through the brain, when in fact the brain is but a conductor of the thoughts of the Mind of God. The Mind of God is all-encompassing. Visualize yourself now, having an intense fiery yellow flame whose corona extends from your aura. That flame comes from the Mind of God and the crown chakra.

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See it intensifying and expanding now. See it rising one inch, three inches, five inches!

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See its light extending out one foot from your form. See that light not only upon your head but penetrating and surrounding your body; for the Mind of God inhabits every cell—every physical cell, every cell of the desire body, the mental body and the etheric body. And that is it! That is the solution to the entire conundrum of mortality and the limitations of mortality. You were originally made in the image and likeness of Adam Kadmon. But you did not partake fully of that immortality because you chose to descend to the material plane and therefore you have become heirs to mortality.

And yet I tell you, in reality you are God-free beings!

Volume 15 - Ascended Masters Speak on Angels - PDF - Saint Germain Press

You have ventured forth with great courage to enter these octaves. You have been driven as though you were divers diving for pearls at the bottom of the sea. But the pearls you are diving for are the souls of lost brothers and sisters. You have come fearlessly. And I tell you, you have been fearless for many lifetimes. It takes tremendous courage indeed, beloved, to enter this octave with the determination to save souls, knowing full well the density that hits the five senses when you are born into this world of maya.

I have brought with me students from my Western retreat. Beloved ones, there are many, many souls of Light on the etheric octave and even in lower octaves who have found when they passed from the screen of life that this communication through the dictations of the Ascended Masters is the open door to higher octaves for those in embodiment on earth.

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Thus we have kept the door open through this Messenger. When you attune properly with your Holy Christ Self, he is your open door to higher octaves. The opening of the door to higher octaves to those who live in the planes of earth is a mighty dispensation indeed, beloved. And as you rise in that cosmic peerage, you will find that day by day you are experiencing increments of your immortality. Simply compare yourselves to others in the earth who have such density by the foods they partake of, by the information they ingest, by the low vibrations they allow themselves to continually absorb from the programming on their TV sets.

Whether it be through the soap operas or all manner of violent programs or MTV and pornography, this bombardment of the psyche, beloved, is very dangerous. You have determined not to engage your energies in such programming and therefore there is light, light, light blossoming in your cells. And the more you purify and the more you raise up the sacred fire within you, the longer your life span will be.

For I can increase your longevity when you take care of the physical body, since it is the vessel you need to be a spokesman for the Brotherhood. Yes, it does matter what you eat! Leadbeater, Initiation is a process by which "we try to develop ourselves not that we may become great and wise, but that we may have the power and knowledge to work for humanity to the best effect.

Bailey, Initiation is the "process of undergoing an expansion [toward higher levels] of consciousness " [60] It is believed by Theosophists that all souls that have reached the fourth level of initiation and evolved beyond the necessity to reincarnate. Those who do not elect to become pratyeka buddhas and go directly into Spiritual Hierarchy governing nirvana , gradually evolving upward through all of these six higher levels of consciousness over thousands or millions of years, and later over billions or trillions of years, with other higher levels beyond.

The concept of Initiation is also recognized in the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on Theosophy. The first six initiations were named by Charles W. Bailey after the six most important events in the life of Jesus. The Great White Brotherhood , in belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age , are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans.

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The Masters are collectively called the "Great White Brotherhood" by various theosophists and esotericists. The use of the term "white" refers to their advanced spirituality in other words, that they have a white colored aura and has nothing to do with race. Belief in the Brotherhood and the Masters is an essential part of the syncretistic teachings of various organizations that have taken the Theosophical philosophical concepts and added their own elements. Other "Ascended Master Activities" believed that the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Elohim, and Archangels continued to present a program for both individual development and spiritual transformation in the world.

Watson, expounds on the church's teachings which draw heavily from the writings of A.