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It's not a good place. Burgoyne told me why he fired you. I knew the rules. I broke them. I cannot honestly say I regret it. Failing that, I can always return to my family. It's not hopeless. If you'll have to go home, you won't be able to continue your studies. Perhaps I shouldn't be a lawyer if I cannot honor simple office rules. Look, don't justify Burgoyne! This could cost you your career. You must not be angry. I knew what I was doing. This happened. I will accept the consequences.

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I'm gonna go back to him and make him take you back. You will only convince him he acted wisely in the first place. I can't just go away You will go back to America, as you have to Georgio, I have a day or two left before I have to go back. Would it help you at all if we spent them together?

Oh, cara. What could I offer you? I have no job. In the end, you have to leave anyhow. I only told Burgoyne that as a excuse for leaving the agency. There is no one? Thank you, Louisa. I've checked the hotels. She hasn't been back, hasn't been to the office. Anita's hurt and unhappy, and she probably wants to be alone for a few days.

She'll show up. Did you talk to Burgoyne? He won't take Georgio back. He's a fool.

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Now, stop worrying about it. It wasn't your fault. Look, do you think Mr. Shadwell could get Georgio's job back for him? I'm going over to the museum to pick him up now. Why don't you come along. Museums I can do without. I was born in one.

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My dad had an Indian museum on the highway next to his gas station. It was free with 10 gallons of gas. This one has a different kind of an attraction. Prince Dino is there with Shadwell discussing some paintings he's donating. That would be a change. What does he collect, nudes? No, as a matter of fact, he's mad about modern paintings.

Oh, that's a side I'd never suspect. Why don't you show him you have a side he'd never suspect? Oh, I love you, but I couldn't fool a fool. You might end up meeting his mother. And why should I want to meet his mother?

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Meeting Mama in Italy is the first step to the altar. Well, um, let's discuss art some more. Don't forget Harmony of color You'll do. How can you say it bores you? You, with your heritage.

My heritage included a castle with no plumbing You'll forgive me if I don't take your opinion seriously. I knew you when you were still running around in three-cornered pants.

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I'm Maria Williams. We met at the Burgoyne's, Mr. Shadwell, but I'm sure you don't remember me. You're quite wrong. I remember you very well. It's the party I've forgotten. I drove over with Miss Frances. She asked me to tell you she's waiting for you outside. Punctuality is the vice of virtuous women. May I drop you?

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I have my car. Dino, take the advice of an old friend. Don't treat a work of art as you do an automobile We live in the past from the moment we're born. Personally, I think heritage can sometimes shackle art. Not to forget plumbing. I shall leave heretics to their heritage. Well, it's very nice to see you again. Oh, I wonder In what sense? Now you really will think I'm a heretic, but I'm passionately interested in the, uh, neo-impressionists. But, yes, I'm mad about them.

As a matter of fact, I'm a neo-impressionist myself. There's a fine collection here. May I show you the room? Unless I miss my guess Don't be evasive.

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Dino told me of your interference in Venice. What are you trying to be, Mother Goose? Let people lead their own lives. They have absolutely nothing in common. You'd be surprised. Dino's fond of art, and Maria was born in a museum. Her father is curator of a museum out west. You're right. I am surprised. Well, then, what does it tell you? What does it say?

Well, different pictures say different things to different people.

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Yes, but the right paintings say the right things to the right people. Yes, and you're so right. Well, this Now, this seems to have a Those lines that carry you off into the distance.