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Don't buy this edition. It is utterly unreadable. The font is probably 4 point, and I don't know anyone who would read an entire novel of fine print. And the ink isn't black, it's gray, so the teensy text doesn't even show up properly.

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Honestly, this publisher should be absolutely ashamed of such a product. January 19, - Published on Amazon. As a novel based on historic fact of the day, this was an interesting read and not as "bulky" with detail as many historic true to fact novels can be. They don't make books like this anymore. December 31, - Published on Amazon. Two wonderful stories in one package.

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Chalmondeley is a virtually unknown genius. April 30, - Published on Amazon. Very poor - hardly readable. The type is too light.

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I wish I could have read this book. It sounded interesting when I read about the author. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more. I had only been kept silent by repeated signs from Marston, and now I broke out. You endeavor to throw suspicion on a man who never injured you in the slightest degree. You insult me in insulting my friend, sir. Suspicion is not always such an easy thing to shake off as it has been in this instance.

I had spoken it anger, not thinking much what I was saying, and I stopped short, alarmed at the effect of my own words. I knew it! Do not you, on your side, make another. What were you doing when Middleton saw you? Parental fondness will supply all minor details, no doubt; so, as the subject is a delicate one for me, I will withdraw, that it may be discussed more fully in my absence. The longer you allow suspicion to rest on yourself the longer it will be before it falls on the right person. Come, what were you doing in the passage at that time of night?

He turned away and leaned against the mantle-piece, looking into the fire. Ralph cleared his throat once or twice, and then suddenly went up to him, and laid his hand affectionately on his shoulder. I have never told you a lie, have I? According to her, I have told lies enough to float a company or carry an election, and I never like to disappoint her expectations of me in that respect; but you I have never to my knowledge deceived, and I am not going to begin now. Charles, I shall live to see the Rev erend Charles Danvers in a surplice, preaching his first sermon on the ninth commandment.

But he was. I interrupted him the whole time, in spite of continual efforts on the part of Marston to make me keep silence. I am not the man calmly to let pass black insinuations against the character of a friend.

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No, I stood up for him. I am glad to think how I stood up for him, not only metaphorically, but in the most literal sense of the term; for I found myself continually getting up, and Marston as often pulling me down again into my chair. I felt that I had done my part in vindicating my friend; and after all, no one, evidently, was accustomed to believe what Charles said.

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I did not like the look of him, and I purposely pumped Middleton about him last night at supper. I nearly burst out at the bare idea of Charles daring to say he had pumped me; but, as will be seen, he could twist anything that was said to such an extent that it was perfectly useless to contradict him any longer.

I said not a single word, and he went on:. Sir John had been murdered the night before Middleton sailed for England, a whisper of the jewels having no doubt gone abroad. Carr came on board next day, and made friends with Middleton. Whether he had anything to do with the murder or not, God knows! Carr was the only person aware of that fact. What follows? Middleton goes to the house, and finds that his sister has moved to the next street.

That house to which he first went is broken into, and the poor woman in it is murdered, or dies of fright that same night. The following evening Middleton, having by chance left the jewels at home, dines, and goes to the theatre by appointment with Carr.

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  6. Unique cab accident occurs, in which Middleton is knocked on the head and rendered unconscious. Coincidence number two. Coincidence number three. It was pure conjecture on my part, and I dared say nothing beyond begging Ralph not to leave the jewels in the library—which, however, he did. I went straight off to my room when the others went to smoke, but I did not go to bed. The more I thought it over the more certain I felt that Carr would not let slip such an opportunity, the more convinced that an attempt would be made that very night.

    I did not know that he was not sleeping in the house, but I knew Ralph was at the lodge, so I could not go and consult with him, as I should otherwise have done. I thought of going to Middleton, whose room was close to mine, but on second thoughts I gave up the idea.

    I am glad I did. At last I determined I would wait till the house was quiet, and that then I would go down alone, and watch in the library in the dark. I lay down on my bed in my clothes to wait, and then—I had been up most of the night before with Denis; I was dead beat with acting and dancing—by ill luck I fell asleep. I instantly slipped off my shoes, and crept out of my room and down the stairs.

    I could not get to the library from the hall, as the stage blocked the way, and I had to go all the way round by the drawing-room and morning-room. As I went I thought how easy it would be for Carr to force the lock of the drawer; and so, it flashed across me, could I.

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    Oh, Ralph! I hope I should not have done it, but I suddenly remembered how hard pressed I was for money, and I did think of the crescent, and how you would hardly miss it, and how—but what does it matter now? When I got to the library I found I was too late. The lock of the drawer had been forced, and it was empty.

    There was nothing for it but to go back to my room. I felt as certain that Carr had done it as that I am standing here; but I dared say nothing next morning, for fear of drawing an ever-ready parental suspicion on myself—which, however, Middleton did for me. All I could do was to keep Carr well in sight until the theft was found out, to prevent any possibility of his escaping, and then to accuse him. Carr did not take the jewels; that is absolutely proved, and the sooner he is let out the better.

    Who took them Heaven only knows! But I know who meant to, and that was Carr. If I may advise, I would suggest that Carr should be allowed to leave, as he wishes to do, by the afternoon train, and should not be pressed to stay.