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Length plays a huge role, but it should couple with quality. The goal is to avoid people clicking the back button instantly after landing on your website.

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This seems trivial but it makes a huge difference. It helps robots understand how your site is connected and improves user experience. And on the more practical side, not so much for the SEO, it helps me identify which pages I should give more time to when updating my content — refer to tip Obviously, the ones I should prioritize are the pages I link to many times myself. These are the first copy your prospects see when they go through their search results.

It has to be super relevant and interesting so people would click on it. Make sure your focus keyword is featured at the beginning of the page title and used in the meta description. Using the keywords in your slug makes a huge difference. Speaking of prioritization, how do I go about making decisions on what to do first if I spend 2 days per week on SEO? If they are willing to pay a lot for a certain keyword, then you can bet your horses on them that they work.

You can identify these keywords on SEMrush for free. Then add 5, then 10, and so on. Time is scarce at a startup. Google has this free tool called Search Console that most people are not aware of.

How to Do SEO for a “Tiny” Website That Doesn’t Have Any Visitors or Money

And how many times have you wondered how have people organically found your website? Search Console is the only way to find out the exact search queries that people make before landing on your site. You need to live in the heart and mind of your customer. Pay attention to the words they use while speaking to customers on the phone. If they repeatedly use a certain word, then you can bet that that is the word your customers use when they search for a solution like yours. This works especially for long-tail keywords in my experience.

After a low budget campaign fixes the blatant and obvious deficiencies e. A proper SEO campaign should gain momentum over time; with underfunding, the opposite occurs. It takes a great deal of time and skillful analysis to select high impact keywords.

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  6. Using the wrong keywords depreciates the value of a campaign right out the gate. In some cases, low budget agencies optimize for low- or zero-volume keywords just to show the client they rank near the top! Today, most high quality links come from producing high quality, relevant content on the client's site and on a variety of other, related sites.

    This work requires content strategy, skilled copywriters and editors and publisher outreach. Because low budget campaigns can't afford to do proper link building, they often resort to dubious or clearly improper techniques. Piling up bad links hurts rather than helps SEO, and leaves the client with a major and costly cleanup project once they move on to another agency. In business, underfunding creates the temptation to cut corners and operate for short term results.

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    We often talk to firms that did SEO on the cheap and discover they have been penalized by Google or are in danger of being penalized. To be fair, Black Hat SEO can occur in large, well funded campaigns as well, but we believe the odds go up as the budgets go down. During the course of an SEO campaign, certain expenses are inevitable -- major directory annual renewal costs, PR distribution fees, technical copywriting, etc. For low budget campaigns, money that should be spent on these things is instead just kept by the agency.

    Thus, the provider gets income but the client does not get directory listings, press releases and high quality content. One of the biggest values a low budget SEO provider can deliver is ongoing consulting, which helps the client with their internal efforts to devise strategies, produce and distribute content, and evaluate results. But this is exactly the type of service that most low budget SEO companies don't provide. Clients naturally assume that smaller SEO budgets equate to less risk. In fact, the opposite is more likely. A small SEO agency operating on the cheap doesn't have much if any bench strength; if one or two people leave, the quality of the work may suffer or the provider might disappear entirely.

    How much is enough?

    #4 Pimp it even more with cool graphs, diagrams, and quote box

    The answer depends on many factors, including -- How competitive your niche is How many keywords should be targeted The SEO-readiness of your website The quality of your existing link profile The aggressiveness of your campaign goals To be conservative, assume that you'll need a budget of a few thousand dollars or more per month to achieve meaningful results in a reasonable amount of time.

    Unrealistic expectations. There's no free lunch: the Internet is fiercely competitive, and to get 1 or even first page ranking can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month.

    Confusing activity for useful activity. Many providers selling discount SEO packages do things -- but not the essential things. For instance, link acquisition and content marketing are key SEO components, but due to their high cost no agency can execute them on a low budget campaign. Being misled by flawed case studies. Discount SEO providers may tout a solopreneur client's site that experienced a percent increase in traffic.

    If your eyes pop out, they shouldn't.

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    A percent increase from a base of zero isn't particularly remarkable. To convey the value of a campaign, the case study must focus on leads and revenue generation rather than big numbers with no context. Sign up to receive valuable information, tips and advice. Recent Blog Posts. November 8, September 24, Marketing Buzzwords Devalue Your Business. August 26, Read More.

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