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It also translates to, rather. Don't take this too literally - nothing is truly permanent…. Seria is the conditional form: would be.

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BUT - they're exactly…. Ter que literally means to have that. It literally means: the entire world.

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It can be a question as well as an answer. In Portuguese, there are two common ways to ask someone what their name is. Como se…. Toggle navigation. Free Posts Memberships Login.

Portuguese Grammar. Something… imperfect tense of estar To express was. When talking about action in the past, use the imperfect indicative tense of… imperfect tense of ser The imperfect indicative is used when talking about continuous or ongoing action in the past. Something… imperfect tense of ter The imperfect indicative is used when talking about continuous or ongoing action in the past. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese sou eu. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese seja como for. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese e-mail.

E-Mail f.

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  • Ecos do tempo. A mobilidade de investigadores e estudantes brasileiros em Portugal.

Strichpunkt m. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese quarto-e-sala. Einzimmerappartement nt. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese romeu-e-julieta. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese tuta-e-meia. Bagatelle f. Kleinigkeit f. Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese estar com saudades fpl.

Sehnsucht haben f.

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Antigua und Barbuda nt. Trinidad und Tobago nt. Vincent und die Grenadinen nt. Kitts und Nevis nt. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? In today's episode, we discuss one of the most important international figures in Brazil. SE28 - Elis Regina. In this episode of Carioca Connection we are talking about one of the greats. Perhaps the greatest. Without further ado, Elis Regina.

In classic fashion, Marco casually admits how three of his high school friends became Formula 1 drivers. You'll learn a lot about Brazilian language and culture, and hear some never-before-heard stories. Na conversa de hoje - Marco e Alexia - falam sobre as coisas que mais os impressionam nos dias de hoje. Aperte o play!

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O que podemos esperar do furuto do Brasil? SE18 - Rubel. Espero que gostem assim como gostamos de Rubel. SE17 - Cartola. Hoje estamos falando de um dos nossos cantores favoritos: Cartola. Cartola foi um cantor, compositor, poeta, e muito muito mais. If you already are familiar with Cartola, you know what we are talking about. For the uninitiated, you are in for a real treat. Estamos vivos! Algumas perguntas e respostas que sempre recebemos de ouvintes curiosos.

Calma que a gente te explica. O desafio continua! Mas, cuidado! Last episode, we talked about 7 expressions that you need to know in Brazilian Portuguese. For the 8th episode of season 3 of Carioca Connection, we are upping our game and giving you 8 super useful phrases that you need to know if you really want to understand Brazil and improve your Brazilian Portuguese. SE06 - Mario Quintana - Poema.

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Brasileiro, nascido no Sul do Brasil, tinha muito o que falar sobre os seus sentimentos e escolhi um dos poemas que mais gosto para hoje. In this episode, we talk about one of the most difficult sound in Portuguese for many native English speakers. Yes, the LH sound. It's not an L, it's not quite a Y In today's episode, we answer all of your questions, and as always, give you tons of real Brazilian Portuguese. SE03 - Festa Junina! SE02 - O Jeitinho Brasileiro. If you have been learning Portuguese for a while now, you have probably heard of the "jeitinho brasileiro.

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Is it good? Is it bad? Whatever it is, it can be a little confusing. In this episode, Alexia and Foster talk about the intricacies of the jeitinho brasileiro. SE01 - Copa do Mundo Carioca Connection is back with Season 3!

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Obviously, we have to start with the World Cup. In this episode, we talk about Brazil's chances in the World Cup and Foster's lack of soccer knowledge is painfully obvious. As always, good laughs and real Portuguese. Season 3 [Trailer]. Season 3 of Carioca Connection is here!

The World Cup is here! Alexia is in the US! Season 3 of Carioca Connection is going to be the best season yet. First episode will be released later this week. S02E40 - Porque amamos o Brasil. Season 2 is coming to an end. We had so much fun recording Season 2 for you guys and we thought that the most appropriate way to finish this season is taking about all of the reasons we love Brazil.

Without further ado, here's the last episode of Season 2. SE39 - Montevideo, Uruguay. In this episode, Alexia and Foster talk about their experience taking a ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Lots of laughing and talking about meat, tango, and much more. As always, chock full of real Brazilian Portuguese in natural conversation. SE38 - Cachorros. In today's episode, we talk about one of our favorite subjects: dogs!