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Safeti analyses complex consequences from accident scenarios, taking account of local population and weather conditions, to quantify the risks associated with the release of hazardous chemicals. Safeti is a QRA software solution that allows you to quickly identify major risk contributors, allowing you to take action to mitigate those risks. At onshore process, chemical and petrochemical facilities and pipelines, risk analysis needs to be done comprehensively, within a structured framework.

It is designed to perform all the analytical, data processing and results presentation elements of a QRA within a structured framework.

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Have a look at our brochure, videos and other information about Safeti QRA software. A formal method for understanding the risk of potential hazards to an asset. Whether the layout is convenient from operation and safety aspects and meets minimum distance norms as per OISD Whether all unsafe developments and likely risks are deliberated in the meetings and appropriate steps are recommended for eliminating such risks. Whether compliance status of recommendations of earlier Safety Committee meetings are discussed before taking up new issues. Whether performance and shortcomings observed during recent mock disaster drills form part of the discussions in safety committee meetings.

Whether periodical safety audits and inspections by internal and external audit teams are conducted in defined intervals.

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Whether the location-in-charge or his authorized nominee remain the issuer for all hot work and vessel entry permits for enhanced safety and control. Whether work permits are duly closed at completion of the stipulated jobs, duly certified by the supervising officer.

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Whether heat detectors in tank sprinkler systems, high level alarms of tank farm management system are provided and checked for regular functioning. Whether in-built safety interlocks provided in the design of the terminal are adequately specified and checked for regular functioning. List of fire fighting equipments available with each Mutual Aid members including District Fire Service.

Compatibility of safety equipment of all Mutual Aid members including District Fire Services with said location has been tested and documented in the DMP. Details of water storage available with Mutual Aid member including District Fire Service and mechanism to utilize the same in the said location well documented in the DMP. Periodic joint exercise and meetings for practice, familiarization and identifying and resolving compatibility issues. Does it have the alternate coverage to take care of the absence of a particular person [ in cases where organogram is developed basis names].

Does it include assignment of all key coordinators viz. Is the centre have adequate communication channels including internal and external telephone connections, PA, paging and VHF systems. The layout of fire fighting system, different hazardous zones, Assembly Points are prominently displayed.

The EAPs have pre-defined in-charges during emergencies who keep in touch with the Emergency Control Centre and Administrative Controllers and updates on the roll call on people reporting. After each drill, whether assembly meetings involving all staff and contract personnel are conducted to share experience of the event as also to identify the shortcomings and scopes for further improvement in procedures.

Whether the issues are discussed and the plan modified suitably. Does the review ensures efficiency of the plan particularly w. Do the Mutual Aid members participate in the drills and based on the actual response and difficulties experienced, corrective actions initiated for refinement of the plan.

Information on critical resources like no. Location has storage of water for 4 hours fire fighting. In case water availability is less, a plan for replacement from nearby sources. Whether manpower available during regular as well as idle shift hours including security personnel clearly indicated in the plan. Does the plan enumerate the following resources available internally with the location as also from external agencies including Mutual Aid Members and govt agencies like fire brigade, police, municipal authorities etc.

Check that correct stock accounting of spilled product as loss has been completed in accounting system. Check that affected area has been completely cleaned and dried after evacuation of spilled product. Declare that affected area after salvage operations is fully clean and safe for movement of the working personnel.

Pipeline Economic Risk Assessment for upstream pipelines

Check that all control valves on product lines and OWS lines out side dyke area and drains are completely closed after removal of the spilled product. Whether physical accounting of all personnel on duty during and after the incident are ascertained by the Site Incident Controller and reconciled immediately.

Whether these personnel are declared fully physically fit before allowing them to resume their normal duties. Whether the records for such first aid and treatment of the affected personnel are maintained in a well defined format. Addressing media and outside bodies. Whether the incident was appropriately informed to the local media in line with the respective company's Press and Media Policy. Whether the incident reports are also sent to concerned State Level Industry Coordinator on time.


Whether a system of initiating appropriate corrective measures including suitable revisions to the Disaster Management Plan are adopted based on findings of the investigation. Whether damage assessment also include potential erosion of reputation - from company, industry and national perspectives. Whether the affected area has been fully cleaned and cleared after due clearance from investigation team. Hazchem No. Regulated identification Hazardous Waste I.

Further, the Board may at any time effect appropriate modifications in these regulations. English English.

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English Hindi. E Improper Maintenance. Cause of leakage - Oil, Gas or Chemical Tick one only. Cause of Ignition leading to fire Tick only one cause. B Adhering to specified operating procedure. D Giving adequate time to do the activity through proper planning. I Adhering to specified maintenance procedure. Highly volatile and Inflammable. Can cause Cold Burns. Detailed models for the assessment of fireproofing performance were developed. Paltrinieri, S. Bonvicini, G. Spadoni, V. Landucci, A. Tugnoli, V. Busini, M. Derudi, R. Rota, V. Loss Prev. Paltrinieri, G.

Landucci, M.