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When you are working with any late talker, one of the first things you have to do is to make sure is that a child understands words. If you suspect this could be a remote possibility for your child, please read this post:. Take a look at those fantastic resources for hands-on and immediate help for you! Show him. The very BEST way I use simple picture books is to teach a child to follow directions using a book like this one. This is the one of the first developmental steps in learning how to talk. Keep your language very simple. Avoid over-talking since you can overstimulate a child with too much language and actually drive him away.

Label the picture and keep your comments brief. For example with this book with babies, this is what I would say:. Certainly you can extend this concept with other kinds of books. Imitating actions is always a great beginning goal for late talking toddlers and using a book can be a very successful way to help a child learn how to do this! Open the book. If the child has difficulty finding the correct button, use your hand and arm to cover most of the buttons except the correct choice and 1 or 2 other options.

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Let the child push a couple of times, then return your attention to the pictures. I also tap the picture several times to call attention to the picture. Some toddlers become fascinated with that tapping sound and will begin to imitate pointing. When a child likes music, books based on songs are a natural extension of this interest. Begin by singing the song as you normally would, and then the second time you start to sing the same song, pull out the book based on the song.

Over time, move from true singing to using a more sing-song kind of speaking voice, and then to a more natural but still animated! After a while, introduce other kinds of books still using your sing-song voice since you know a child responds well to this strategy. It will take some extra time and a little investment to prepare this activity, but it can result in dramatic improvements. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a fantastic one to try because you can use it to teach so many concepts!

For my youngest friends, I copied and laminated the first caterpillar and the food pictures. This darling set is similar to the books listed in 1, but the complexity increases since there are several pictures per page. For this activity, you will need to do additional work, but the results will justify your prep time!

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Let me share all the types of kids who will benefit from this activity:. Try to match objects and pictures as closely as you can so that it makes sense to the child. I like to start with objects and pictures I think a child already knows so we build in a pattern of success from the beginning. Take a look at that for a refresher! Get this book or a similar one, dig through your toys to find matches, or if you have to, get to Dollar Store and find the objects for your book. I implement this idea in therapy by reading a page and then playing with the toys.

My Little Blue Truck bag has become a staple for their therapy programs and at home with parents to teach them how to play and associate the words in their books or movies! Last Christmas I videoed an extensive version of this idea.

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Start small! My original set for the Little Blue Truck I have linked here consisted of a blue truck, a dump truck, and several of the animals in the book. Over time, I built up inventory of potential props and I went all out for this Christmas Little Blue Truck since I was making a video for a course I was teaching. I love any book by Eric Carle, but this one has become my favorite. Let me tell you who it works for:.

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Your goal is to get a child to imitate and perform the action in the book. I can do it! The group yelling usually entices little ones who are reluctant to participate to try the action and they begin to anticipate the words. You can find detailed instructions for using those techniques in my book Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers.

I used my copy a couple of years ago when I saw a child who was the youngest of 9! Let me restate this… you should not worry about teaching a late talker letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

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Working on those words makes no sense at all when a child is not talking! We should never focus on teaching this kind of vocabulary until a child is communicating pretty well. I encourage parents of the children I treat to hold off on teaching colors, shapes, numbers and letters until a child is consistently using short phrases. There are some children who seem to have taught themselves letters, numbers, colors or shapes.

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I teach him to include me in his play by sharing his interest. For young children like this, start with a book that includes his preference. You can use the side of the refrigerator. We ALL own and use this book. Coloring Book. Activity Book. Topic see all. Boys' Interest. Girls' Interest. Series see all.