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Who made this happen? In her lecture, she will discuss how her research contributes to the sociology of stratification, law and the professions. She will argue that wealth should be central in the study of inequality. Second, she will show how offshore finance and the wealth management profession are provoking a reconfiguration of state power relative to global economic elites; one consequence of this is an increasing lawlessness among the ultra-rich, of which tax avoidance is just one symptom. In addition, Harrington will discuss her method of immersion ethnography — training for two years to be a wealth manager, in order to gather data from 65 practitioners in 18 tax havens — and how this approach reveals aspects of inequality obscured by structural and statistical approaches.

Wie konnte es so weit kommen? Eine Folge davon ist die zunehmende Rechtlosigkeit der Ultra-Reichen, wie sie sich etwa in Steuervermeidungspraktiken manifestiert. Anmeldung erforderlich: info finanzsystem-und-gesellschaft. Deadline: 5. International conference, University of Groningen, Amsterdam Netherlands , Oxford: Oxford University Press, , S.

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Deutungsmuster, Legitimation und Kritik in der Marktgesellschaft, S. Juli , 17 Uhr s. Residential training course for postgraduate students, November bis 2. Dezember , University of Manchester. November und 1. Rea, erschienen in: Theory and Society , , 46 1 , S. G, Mai , Hollstein, W. Schnapp Hg. Juni , Wherry und Viviana A.

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Zelizer, Princeton University Press, Money Talks explores five key questions: How do social relationships, emotions, and morals shape how people account for and use their money? How do corporations infuse social meaning into their financing and investment practices? What are the historical, political, and social foundations of currencies? What is the impact of the new twenty-first-century currencies on our social relations? Vom 9. April, This special issue invites contributions on the theme of price.

It seeks contributions which move away from the narrow concerns of an economics focused on price as information and from a sociology focused on the meaning of price to deliver state-of-the-art engagements with the problem and question of price. Der Vorbereitend findet am 6. Juli bis 5. August Summer School, Blackwater Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland, 8. Hier gelangen Sie zum Audio-Podcast des Vortrags.

Die Zukunft des Geldes! alternatives Geldsystem, Kryptowährungen Test, Lösung Koina AG

International Conference, 6. November bis 1. Zu einer Genealogie moderner Gesellschaftskritik, 3. November in London stattfand. Daniel Fridman , Stanford University Press. Arjan Reurink , in: European Journal of Sociology , 57 3 , Erin B. Neil Fligstein, Jacob Habinek , in: I. Gabor Hg. Tod S. Sebastian Kohl , in: Der Immobilienbewerter , 6 , S.

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Die neue Ausgabe von Finance and Society Vol. Exklusive Teilhabe — ungenutzte Chancen. Dritter Bericht. Bielefeld: W. Bertelsmann Verlag.

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Sub-theme des Deadline: 9. Emma Dowling, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Workshop, Goethe Institute in San Francisco, September , Deadline: Januar , 17 Uhr. Weitere Informationen. Zur Anmeldung. Februar , 17 Uhr.

John Zube's Bibliography on Monetary Freedom (S - Z)

Wolfgang Streeck herausgegeben von Verso Books, Mai , Deadline: April , Deadline: Juli , Deadline: Matthew Eagleton-Pierce, Routledge Die neue Ausgabe des economic sociology-Newsletters Vol. Gareth Dale, Karl Polanyi.

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A Life on the Left, New York Gareth Dale, Reconstructing Karl Polanyi. Excavation and Critique, London Gareth Dale ed. The Hungarian Writings, Manchester Samstag, 3.

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Dezember , Der Workshop fand von Olivier Godechot, Sociological Science 3, , S. Oktober , Klaus Kraemer, Florian Brugger Hg. Ivan Boldyrev, Ekaterina Svetlova Hrsg. Zum Podcast des Vortrags. Internationale Konferenz an der University of Edinburgh, 4. Wolfgang Streeck In: Juncture 23 2 , , 68— Deandline: Juni bis 1. Einen kurzen Einblick in die Ergebnisse finden Sie auch hier. DiscourseNet Winter School No. Roehrkasse American Sociological Review , Vol.

University of California, Los Angeles, 3. Konferenz an der University of London, Hochschule Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt am Main, Anmeldeschluss: Was sollen Banken tun? Die globale Finanzklasse. Garner Hrsg. Garner Hg. Facilitated by securitization vehicles, mutual funds, hedge funds, investment banks and mortgage companies, the function and regulation of these shadow banking institutions has come under increasing scrutiny after the subprime crisis of —8.

Matthias Thiemann examines how regulators came to tolerate the emergence of links between the banking and shadow banking systems. Financial times Publikation Finance and Society , vol. Financial Models and Society: Villains or Scapegoats? Lehman — 10 Years After Tagung 8. Das Programm finden Sie hier. Mai Uhr — Uhr Juliet Schor works on issues of sustainable consumption and production. Alles nur Trockenschwimmen? Mai Raum E. Deadline ist der Weitere Informationen zu Anmeldung und Programm finden Sie hier.

Demokratieprobleme des Steuerstaates im IMK — Geldpolitische Herausforderungen. Deadline: 30th April Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. Moderation: Smail Rapic September Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. Deadline: 6.