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He owned a bed, some books , a violin given to him by Deunov and a few shabby clothes. He spent most of his time on spiritual retreats in the mountains, where he studied and meditated, occasionally taking a job to earn his keep. From around to around , he worked as a school teacher and then a high school principal. In with the approach of the Second World War, Peter Deunov foresaw that political unrest, war and the spread of communism would lead to a ban on all spiritual associations in Bulgaria and so he entrusted Mikhail Ivanov with bringing his teaching to France.

Deunov chose Aivanhov out of 40, other students. On July 22, he arrived in France penniless, with no knowledge of French and only one contact person in France, Stella Bellemin, a Bulgarian expatriate. However, Aivanhov turned out to be an excellent linguist. He took no money from his students or charged for his lectures apart from one exception when touring America. The money was banked and used later for a publishing project.

This was the first of over conferences. He also visited many other countries. His works which include 44 pocketbooks and 32 complete works are based on his lectures, which were recorded first in shorthand and since on audio and video tape. Finally, in Prosveta Publications released several collections of these talks in the form of books and brochures translated into 30 languages , CDs and DVDs with subtitles.

After this he allowed himself to be called "Master". This happens through the individual's personal transformation: growth in perfection and in harmony with the divine world. Whatever the topic, he invariably focuses on how one can better conduct life on earth. Aivanhov taught that to achieve a better life, one must have a high ideal: " He describes the cosmic laws governing both the universe and the human being, the macrocosm and microcosm, and the exchanges that constantly take place between them. This knowledge has taken different forms throughout the centuries. It is the perennial wisdom expressed through various religions, each adapted to the spirit of a particular time, people, and level of spiritual evolution.

Aivanhov's teaching incorporates aspects of Esoteric Christianity that relate to finding the "Kingdom of God on earth" within the individual.

One of the essential truths of initiatic science, according to Aivanhov, is that in the higher world all things are linked. But it is time that it was transposed onto a higher, more spiritual plane: the act of procreation should be a ccomplished with the full participation of mind, soul and spirit, and, in this way, your ch ild will be linked to a world superior to 2 our own.

Most people are content to live like animals: they eat, drink and procreate like animals. There is no spiritual content to what they do. Do you really want me to concern myself with your c hildren? It is you who are my first concern and indirectly, through you, I am already doing something for the children you have now and for those you will have in the future.

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They have heard about heredity, of course, so they fully expect their child to have some physical or psychological likeness to themselves or their own parents or at l east to some member of the family. But they never imagine that it is within their powe r to increase or diminish this likeness or, more generally, to choose what kind of person their child will be.

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And this is where they are greatly mistaken: parents have a large part in determining what kind of person their future child will be. But parents who want to give birth to a very highly developed being have to prepare themselves long before the child is conceived, beca use higher beings only consent to incarnate with parents who have already achieved a certain degree of purity and self- mastery. A being of very high calibre will not choo se a family for its wealth or renown; in fact it will be more likely to choose a family of m odest means in which it will be less tempted to lead an easy life.

What is important is to find a family capable of providing it with a heredity which will not be an obstacle to th e accomplishment of the spiritual task for which it has decided to incarnate. Very few men and women can offer a very highly evolved spiritual being the conditions it needs to incarnate, and this explains why there are so few divinities in the world and so many very inferior people, so many criminals, so many sick people.

The Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood, th erefore, shows men and women in what frame of mind and state of purity they must prepare to conceive a child. They can even choose the best moment for conception in relation to the most favourable planetary aspects. How did humans sink so low as to leave the conception of a child, this all-important event, to chance?

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It is somethin g for which they should call on heaven, asking the angels to come and help them to attract a powerful, luminous being into their family. But it never occurs to them: the y look to alcohol for help, and very often the man behaves like an animal, doing violenc e to his wife and arousing feelings of disgust and contempt and thoughts of revenge in her.

In these conditions is it surprising if the resulting child is a monster?

For a child to be born into the world, the father has to give his seed to the mothe r, who nurtures it and brings it to maturity. You could say that it is the father who c reates and the mother who forms their child. All that he has experienced in the past as well as his present life is expressed in his seed.

And this means, therefore, that a man can give a seed of gre ater or lesser quality according to the kind of life he has lived in the past and is li ving now. I have often explained how everything we do in life is recorded within us, in the chromosomes of our cells. Notre catalogue. Livres Education. Produit indisponible. Table of Contents. Education Begins Before Birth. Izvor Collection — No. Translated from the French. No part of this publication may be reproduced, translated, adapted, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, whether privately or otherwise, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, audio-visual or otherwise , without the prior permission of.

ISSN ISBN A child is not a little animal which you can start training as soon as it is old enough. A child in the womb is a soul, and its mother can have a beneficial influence on it even at this stage, through the harmony of her thoughts, acts and feelings. And this pre-natal Is it possible for education to begin before birth?

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And this pre-natal influence which, in essence, is a form of magic, must be faithfully continued once the baby is born, for, as all parents should realize, a tiny baby is highly sensitive to both its physical and spiritual environment. Ultimately, it is by example that parents and teachers should accomplish their educational mission.

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